The Secret Behind the Knot of a Dreamcatcher

At the first sight, a dream catcher comes across as a pretty ornament for your room, with its beautiful and varied colours, designs, and shapes. However, a dreamcatcher is actually a traditional ornament made of Native American origins to serve the purpose of protection.

Dreamcatchers, according to those who believe in them, operate as a filter for dreams. They deliver the people in the room with happier dreams and keep the negative ones at bay.

Dreamcatchers are traditionally fashioned with eight spots where the web connects to the hoop. These eight points depict a spider's eight legs. Moreover, the spider represents vitality, insight, and knowledge. 

Dreamcatchers have a more significant meaning for certain Native Americans. They are totems that represent positive energy and assist in neutralizing negative energy, despite your state of sleep.

Did You Know: They generally consist of a tiny wooden hoop wrapped in a net or web of durable, natural fibers, with symbolic religious things like feathers and wooden beads dangling from the hoop's bottom. 

Also, traditional dreamcatchers are not constructed of plastic. Instead, they are handcrafted from all-natural, authentic materials and measure only a few inches across various sizes.

The spherical form of the dreamcatcher reflects the circle of life and its natural cycles. Interestingly, this includes the motions of the sun and moon as they traverse across the sky each day and night. In the web, various knots can be observed. This may seem insignificant, but these dreamcatcher knots have a high degree of relevance to the spiritual world.

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Significance of the Knot

You must have observed your mother or elders of the house tying a knot when they wished for something, tying their intentions in that knot, and opening it if the wish came true. This is an old spiritual practice used by even monks and people in occult sciences. Tying a knot is said to be a great way of capturing your energies and getting a hold of your state of mind.

There are ample examples of this practice present in our daily lives. For instance, the belief behind people tying knots in temples or dargahs to secure their prayers and wishes.

Dreamcatcher knots work similarly. There are several knots present on a dreamcatcher, holding energies that may be circulating around you or the ones generating through your dreams. These energies are said to protect you from bad, discomforting dreams.

Fact being, dreamcatcher knots guide your energies towards making you demand genuine wishes while also infusing a sense of enhanced mental focus and balance in you. 

Ever noticed how much attention you have to put into a knot while tying it? This tying and untangling of knots can also be related to sorting out and detangling your thoughts, creating an orderly mental space and a suitable environment for peace.

Verdict: Dreamcatcher Knots 

To sum things up, dreamcatcher knots effectively hold your wishes, capture energies, and allow you to focus on yourself. 

Not to forget, such dreamcatcher knots could be personalized to create an aesthetically charming design for your fresh buy. So, the next time you make a wish, remember to tie a knot.

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