How To Cleanse Your Dreamcatcher

Humans, animals, and birds take baths, while clothes and other material objects can be washed. But what about energies? Or items (like your dreamcatcher) that capture those energies?

Like every other thing or being to exist, your dream catcher needs to be cleansed from time to time. And no, you cannot simply wash it with soap and water.

For this purpose, we first need to understand the difference between cleaning and cleansing. When you remove the dirt from an object, you are cleaning it. But, when you cleanse, you are cleansing energies to purify it and remove the negative vibrations.

Cleansing Your Dreamcatcher

When it comes to cleansing a dreamcatcher, your strong visualisation powers come to work.

If you’re entirely unaware of them, a Dream Catcher is a small-sized amulet generally hung in bedrooms to shoo away unpleasant dreams and open the door for beautiful dreams and thoughts while you sleep. They also purify the energies in your surroundings and capture the negative ones, letting the positive ones pass through.

You can use sage or incense to cleanse the disturbing energies of a dreamcatcher.

Burning sage is one of the earliest and simplest techniques of purifying a person and removing unwelcoming energies from a person, group of people, or location. The tradition stretches back to prehistoric times. Moreover, it's been documented as being practised by our forefathers in every corner of the globe.

When sage is burnt, negative ions are released, which have been associated with improving people's moods. Above this, sage is said to provide knowledge, clarity, and an increase in spiritual awareness.

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Did You Know: The term heal is derived from the Latin word salvia, which means sage.

Remember always to open up a window or door before burning the sage because the negative energy released needs a pathway out.

The concept with incense sticks is similar. Plus, the beautiful fragrance is bound to lift your mood immediately!

Having Good Ventilation

It is highly likely that many of us live in homes where there is no proper light or air ventilation. This is why it is essential to consciously put up your dreamcatcher where there is enough sunlight and ventilation.

As the breeze flows through the dreamcatcher and enough sun rays pass through it, it will get naturally cleansed and free from bad omen. Look at it as the most natural way to cleanse your dreamcatcher.

White Light Meditation

White light meditation is a type of meditation that helps you connect with your body's inherent healing cycles. Regularly applying this practice to your everyday life can guide you to reach and maintain your greatest health potential.

Simply put, white light meditation is a visualisation method that includes focusing on the white light above you and seeing it enter via your crown chakra, flowing through and purifying each of your seven chakras.

In this case, you can picture the white light entering your dreamcatcher and cleansing its aura.


Sage and incense burning are effective ways to cleanse your dreamcatcher and the immediate vicinity. If you seek to improve your concentration and visualisation skills, you can also try white light meditation. 

Finally, the sun and wind are your truly organic friends who’ll help you cleanse your dreamcatcher and its energies.

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