How To Shop For A Dreamcatcher As Per Your Sun Sign

Buying items based on your star sign is a mindful way to choose anything you want to retain in your life as a constant - so why not combine the power of star signs and colours to help you select the ideal dreamcatcher? 

Dreamcatchers aren't constrained by zodiac signs, but it's always wonderful to align your purchases to your mental peace, right?

Each zodiac is unique in its ways, with different traits setting them apart, and thus different colours complement these traits to bring out the best in you. 

Your perfect dreamcatcher could be influenced by the powerful combination of your zodiac sign and its signature colour.

Aries: Red

The ruling planet of Aries is Mars, also known as the "Red Planet", which is why it's no surprise that the colour for Aries is red. The passion, energy, and initiative the colour red induces support Aries like no other.

Much like the sun sign, Aries, the colour red demands attention and is most fitting for the zodiac sign. 

Taurus: Green

The colour of nature and growth complements the Taurian spirit greatly. Straight from the lush greens that the bull lives and thrives upon, the colour green is perfect for the sign of progress and wisdom.

Gemini: Yellow

Yellow is the colour of curiosity and thoughts that go perfectly well with Gemini's exciting and upbeat nature. The colour of the warm sun, yellow, lightens up the room just like this zodiac sign does, and it also activates positive energies which stimulate the mind. This may describe the depth of intellectual powers Geminis manage to unlock.

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Cancer: White

This bright colour represents intuition and clarity, making it a highly appropriate colour for Cancerians. White symbolizes purity and sensitivity, similar to the face of the moon. 

Above all, a sign as sensitive, empathetic, and understanding as Cancer dramatically benefits from the energy given by the colour white.

Leo: Gold

The sign that screams royalty and class, Leo could have no other colour that complements it better than Gold. Even better, it signifies Leo's material interests and empowers their big hearts.

With the right amount of attention and praise followed by power and prestige, the colour gold perfectly describes the personality of a Leo.

Libra: Blue

The colour blue greatly complements libra's soft and open presence. It signifies their calming and likeable personalities and symbolizes the clarity and balance that the indecisive libra always seeks. 

Scorpio: Black

Scorpios are known to be dark and mysterious, and what better colour to signify that than black. The colour of depth, death, and rebirth, black, helps in propelling the Scorpio's strengths. 

A sign representing strength, power, and valuing loyalty above all else, Scorpios would find their perfect dreamcatcher in black colour.

Sagittarius: Purple

The most adventurous of all zodiacs, Saggitarius' open-minded nature, optimistic approach towards life, and constant search for the next crazy adventure is perfectly depicted by the colour purple. It contributes to their lean towards a philosophical mind and nature.

Capricorn: Brown

The earthy brown represents and perfectly captures the spirit of the earth sign, Capricorn. Brown indicates stability, which might help the goat sign's unwavering persistence in achieving its objectives.

Aquarius: Blue 

Aquarius' creative thoughts are aided by calming blue, which helps to regulate the restless energy these individuals possess. What's best is that blue denotes immensity and enables a seamless flow of ideas, communication, and exploration, just like the sky and the oceans Aquarius is closely associated with.

Pisces: Light Green

The perfect shade of light green promotes healing and rebirth and connects Pisces to their subconscious. Light green, being the colour of life, signifies rejuvenation and inspiration, supporting the healing and renewing powers of Pisces.


Combining the colour suited for your zodiac along with your zodiac sign results in a wholesome, magical purchase. The next time you come across a dreamcatcher you want to bring home, you know the drill.

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