Is Black Negative For Your Home?

Black can easily be labelled as a worthy contender among the stylish, sleek and attractive colours. According to Feng Shui, black is associated with the element of water and is linked with strength, mystery, and tranquillity. 

On the other hand, black has several negative connotations as well. Black attire is solely worn at funerals and during periods of grief in various cultures. The majority of harmful and damaging connotations begin with the word black, such as "black sheep," "black hole," and so on.

While it is perfectly acceptable to express appreciation for this colour, most people are still afraid to incorporate it into their personal space.

Here are the genuine reasons why black is avoided.

Black Is Heat Absorbant

Having black curtains or black painted walls will indeed look elegant. However, black absorbs all wavelengths making it absorb more heat. As a result, it will be relatively hotter in a house with more black items during summer. 

Above this, since black homes radiate heat quite strongly at night, they have less efficient insulation from warm or cold weather due to effective heat absorption. 

Tricky To Pair With Other Colors

Colours like yellow and green or red and white complement one other and produce a distinct look. Green and yellow, for example, evoke feelings of freshness and brightness. Similarly, red and white evoke feelings of passion and love. Pairing black with a single solid shade is challenging compared to other colours.

In addition, black is more prone to developing dirt, dust, scratches and fades faster than other colours. 

The True Beauty Of Black And How To Blend It In Your Home 

Black should be seen as a beautiful and enticing colour that exudes power and elegance. Though it's a neutral hue, homeowners can utilise it as a primary colour or an accent in a room.

Here are a few things to remember while blending black:

  • Less is more. Instead of using black as a dominant tone in a space that can seem harsh or even dismal, consider using black as an accent.
  • Combine black with contrast colours like white, taupe, or light grey.
  • Black marble tiles combined with white will give a polished look.
  • Use artwork to incorporate black into the decor.

Using accent pieces such as cushions, dreamcatchers, or even picture frames is an easy and inexpensive way to add black without going overboard.

As previously said, black dreamcatchers are inexpensive but luxurious to keep in a house. They represent and remind us of power, elegance, strength, and authority, leading us to subconsciously instill such characteristics in our lives.

Black has remained a mystery of contrasting opinions regarding holy or unholy over the years. However, when mysteries are solved, they offer up previously unimaginable possibilities. This is why let this colour shine and watch your life transform beautifully!

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