How To Interpret Your Dreams

Dreams are meant to be insightful in several ways and yet wake you up with a smile. Meanwhile, they imply something urgent when unpleasant and recurrent. 

Interpreting dreams is tricky since most of them are forgotten within ten seconds of waking up. However, it is believed vivid dreams signify focus on the message they are attempting to express.

Note: Attempt dream journalling if you wish to better understand your dreams in the long run.

Here are the most common dreams and how to interpret them:

Dreams About Falling

Amongst some common dreams youngsters and adults face, a dream where you're falling holds a top spot. Contrary to urban belief, people are actually not nearing death when they fall to the ground (in their dreams). If it were true, the number of sleep casualties would have been insane!

A falling dream represents losing control of something to be addressed. Furthermore, they highlight the need to feel grounded. Anxieties, instabilities, and worries trigger such dreams. Likewise, falling dreams are typically related to feelings of failure or inadequacy in any environment.

Dreams About Being Naked In Public

Dreams related to nudity directly signal the unconscious mind of being overwhelmed by hiding behind a mask. It is a reminder to accept responsibility for actions and speak up. To explain, dreams about nudity are frequently associated with emotions of insecurity and the yearning for self-acceptance. 

Dreams About Being Chased

In a real-life situation, we often run away from tricky problems. Let's say commitment issues or responsibilities. These acts in the dream represent how you deal with pressure and manage worries or stress. Instead of tackling the situation, there is an inclination towards escape. 

Further on, the troubles you confront in real life transform into monsters chasing you in your dreams while you run merely to be rid of them. The easiest way to deal with this is to approach life positively during the day.

Dreams Of Losing Your Teeth

Dreams of teeth falling out might suggest you let words out of your mouth that should have otherwise stayed inside forever (just like teeth). To add on, it implies you are terrified of embarrassing yourself or ruining a conversation by "spitting out" or speaking inappropriate words.

Such dreams may be attempting to tell you to use words wisely because, much like teeth,

once they are out, they cannot be replaced.

Dreams about Death

Dreams about death are hands down the most terrifying dreams. Remember, dreams are always symbolic. Taking them in a literal way can scare you. 

Since death symbolises the transitional time between two significant chapters in life, this sort of dream reveals change and development into a new existence or identity. Death dreams also indicate a secret attempt to reconcile previous events, sentiments, and relationships while striving for a greater purpose.


Interpreting dreams has been a common practice for hundreds of years. While it is challenging to change dreams altogether, dreamcatchers can help influence them. Always remember, dreams simply reflect what the mind believes, most often subconsciously. Do not mistake them for heavenly messages and subject yourself to overthinking.

You're all prepared for pleasant dreams and breaking deadly dream cycles (quite literally). 

Happy dreaming!

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