How To Evoke Grace In Your Home

Colours have the potential and power to influence moods and feelings instantly. Not only do they have a psychological impact on the human brain, but they are also suggestive of personality attributes on a deeper level. Above this, they have the power to bring grace to your home and make it a wholesome place to reside in!

Dreamcatchers are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your house. Combining them with different colours might induce the distinct aura you wish to establish.

Here are some colour options for dreamcatchers to bring grace to your home: 


White dreamcatchers represent purity, hope and serenity. They are a brilliant match for rooms requiring a calming presence and energies to harmonise—for instance, bedrooms, meditation rooms and workspaces. 


The colour red radiates energies of passion, celebration and love. Red dreamcatchers are ideal for use in areas where people socialise, such as terraces and dining tables. Most significantly, red represents love. Therefore, red dreamcatchers are best placed in couples' rooms to allow emotions to flow freely, making them feel passionate and more enthusiastic.


Blue dreamcatchers signify achievement, strength, and willpower. They are the finest choice for learning environments or generic living areas. 


Green dreamcatchers represent nature and are an exceptional medium to connect with your natural surroundings. 

Even better, green is also strongly associated with money, making it perfect for people aiming for financial growth and abundance. Remember, they are best placed in offices or work areas.


Yellow dreamcatchers evoke feelings of happiness, joy and intellect. As a result, a dreamcatcher in this colour must be placed in areas of creativity such as studios or artists' workshops. On the other hand, they may be utilised to strengthen interpersonal ties and lift people's spirits after a disagreement. They should ideally be positioned in kitchens or dining rooms.

How Do Dreamcatchers Evoke Grace?

Many people throughout history have kept incense sticks, flowers, and candles/oil lamps in their houses. You may also come across them purifying rooms with water.

While this may look superstitious from the outside, it is nothing but a recreation of the earth's elements upon a closer look. We view ourselves as a portion of the natural world's matrix by grounding our prayer in these elements. Through these metaphors, we open doors to the path to being closer to the almighty and experiencing higher consciousness, in turn evoking grace.

Similarly, dreamcatchers produced from authentic materials invite divinity into a personal space. Each component of the dreamcatcher holds symbolic meanings related to the physical world. For example, the hoop constructed from a willow plant represents the sun and moon and their daily cycle. At the same time, the beads or feathers with leather symbolise breathing and lightness.

These materials can help bring grace to your home since they contain energies that call for positive changes. 


An aesthetically livelier home has a substantial influence on happiness, health, and growth. Dreamcatchers are a beautiful way to add a unique charm to a house. Now that you know how, look for the perfect piece calling to you and let it work its magic!

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