How To Attract Abundance With Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers are protective charms used to ward off nightmares and bad dreams. 

Although did you know this vibrant talisman has the power to dramatically transform the energy of houses, filling them with prosperity and positivity?

Read on to find out how to attract abundance with dreamcatchers.

Colours are manifestations of energy at different vibration fields. Each hue we sense creates a distinct vibration. Additionally, they hold specific values which help bring positive change. Not to forget, colour psychology is a prominent branch of colour theory assigning emotional and psychological implications to colours. 

Similarly, according to Feng Shui practitioners, colours can convey excellent vibrations into the home if utilized according to a particular prescription. However, repainting a house can be a time-consuming and tiring task. Instead, include colour-specific dreamcatchers to elevate your space and flood it with abundance quickly!


Blue promotes calmness, which may help with streamlining thoughts. As a sign of abundance, it is considered an essential element in Feng shui. The colour is soothing and peaceful since it represents the sea and the sky. Even better, varying shades of blue are generally associated with adventure and a free spirit.

Blue dreamcatchers will be an ideal piece to come home to after a long day at work. Apart from their adaptability with warm colour furnishings, they maintain a light atmosphere and somehow manage to clear the air of tension.


Green is one of the most refreshing hues for the eyes because it blends the coolness of blue with the cheeriness of yellow. To add on, green indicates physiological nourishment as well as spiritual and emotional balance.

According to Vastu Shastra, it is best to keep objects of a green hue towards east or south-east, also known as the igneous angle.

Since green is supposed to attract all sorts of balance, consider complementing your indoor green plants with mildly or evidently green dreamcatchers to attract abundance in subtle ways.


Red represents money, good fortune, and self-assurance. It signifies bright ideas and vitality, but it also depicts wrath, blood, and conflict. As a result, objects of this colour are best used sparingly. 

A subdued red will achieve the same purpose and will not be overpowering. 

Provided red dreamcatchers are combined with other elements such as white or blue marbles or not too flashy yet decorative pieces, you're sure to sense more incredible determination and desire for your wants when home.

According to Vastu Shastra, red items should be kept southwest.

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Using Dreamcatchers As A Manifesting Tool

Dreamcatchers serve as a safe space and can be pretty personal. Allow them to guide your homely energies fight off ill thoughts and feelings which impede realization through dreams. Above all, meditation and employing dreamcatchers as guides aid with concentration. Try to visualize yourself as a dreamcatcher and picture how dreams, ambitions, and hopes are flowing inwards - more like a magnet that attracts the positives and repels the negatives.

Subsequently, dreams and expectations will start turning into reality. Use manifestation skills and dreamcatchers to keep a continual flow of abundance in your home.


A dreamcatcher is an excellent tool for identifying aspirations, channelling inner creativity, and working to attract abundance into any personal space. 

For the finest results, they must comprise nature's five essential components. They are earth, fire, water, wood, and metal. Most importantly, pick dreamcatchers made of natural elements over artificial materials. 

Pro Tip: An alternate position for dream catchers is near the entry point of external energies, such as the front door or windows.

That being said, you are all set for a journey towards abundance. 

Happy Manifesting!

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