Best Place To Hang A Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are much more than mere beautiful decorative pieces of art. Unlike many English terms, it does exactly what it sounds like - catching dreams! For this reason, dreamcatchers were initially designed for young children and newborns.

Over the years, the idea of dreamcatchers started being treasured by people of all ages. The concept gradually spread from Native Americans to the rest of the world. However, as it travelled, some of its meaning was lost, and people were unclear about using it to their benefit. 

Here are a few of the best places to hang a dreamcatcher:


A dreamcatcher is ideally supposed to be placed above the bed. The logic behind this is pretty simple. According to Native Americans, the night air is filled with pleasant and scary dreams. The dreamcatcher pulls and traps all kinds of dreams into its webs. However, only pleasant dreams pass through and gently flow down the feathers. All the bad dreams and energies get caught in the dreamcatcher web and evaporate in the morning.

Thus the most typical spot to hang a dreamcatcher is over the bed. Aside from protecting you from sleep time nightmares, dreamcatchers enhance the aesthetic of any bedroom, giving them a rustic vibe. 

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According to Feng Shui, a dreamcatcher must be positioned in such a manner that no one sits or passes beneath it. Moreover, it is believed economic growth slows down if this is done. Therefore, the next best place to hang a dreamcatcher is windows. The sunshine, along with the cool breeze and airflow, creates one of the most favourable spots for a dreamcatcher.

Many dreamcatcher enthusiasts and collectors believe that positive and welcoming energies enter houses through the window. Similarly, hanging a dreamcatcher on the balcony helps filter negative energy. Furthermore, windows are a perfect source of constantly moving energies compared to other locations with static energies.

It also makes windows seem more lively and colourful, keeping the vibrations happy and cheerful.

Note: Hanging wind chimes along with a dreamcatcher may also bring good luck and prosperity. 

Meditation Space

Dreamcatchers come in various enchanting colours and can be used as an excellent meditation tool. Hanging a dreamcatcher on a wall visible while meditating improves focus and concentration. Additionally, the feathers of the dreamcatcher act as a bridge to connect with energies and the higher self. 

Along with the dreamcatcher, adding sacred artwork, candles, incense sticks, and energy stones can enhance the meditation experience.


Keep a dreamcatcher in your rearview mirror to fill you with pleasant thoughts when driving or travelling. Furthermore, toddlers enjoy sleeping in the car, so you can add a dreamcatcher in a vehicle to ensure their dreams keep them busy and undisturbed during the drive. 


Dreamcatchers can be placed almost anywhere in a house. They radiate positive energy and remove negative energy wherever hung. The most essential element, however, is placing it near ample sunshine. When the sun rays hit the dreamcatcher, they rejuvenate and strengthen it. 

If you’re yet confused about the best place to hang a dreamcatcher, consider placing it in the corner of your balcony, dining area, or a private canopy.

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